Majte prehľad vo výsledkoch


Do štatistík pribudol aj zoznam najčastejších výsledkov v aktuálnej sezóne, celkový zoznam najčastejších výsledkov od založenia tipovačky (sezóna 2016/2017) a taktiež najčastejšie tipy všetkých tipérov.

Tabuľky nájdete v sekcii Štatistika výsledkov

Inšpirujte sa! Čoskoro sem pribudnú aj ďalšie štatistiky.

Tipovaniu zdar! Fafrn

1. Sign up

If you like non-hazard sports tips, you are in the right place. Just three easy steps are needed. First you have to REGISTER to know who to assign points in our fun tipping.

2. Bet matches

After signing in, you can go straight to the thing. In our FUN BETTING you will trip the exact match results. Note, the tip of the draw is also allowed, since only three-thirds are counted.

3. Wait for results

Well now it's just waiting. Did you get any result exactly? Excellent, you have at least 10 points, but also inaccurate results count. Our SCORING SYSTEM has proved to be quite successful.



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